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how to read in foreighn langauge? how to write in foreighn language?

in our modern world more and more interesting information is becoming available everywhere and specially in internet: books, stories, poems and blogs. while most of information in internet is still in english, often we have to use dictionary and other translation tools to understand information.

today, we would like to present you some free translation tools for the web:

translate a word, text or a site (to translate website just copy paste url) =>
translate a file or a document =>

you can also add the translation tool to almost every website using google tools =>

p.s. this is in no case should be considered as an advertising of google and google translate. you can find a lot of other different translation tools available for no charge. however, in our opinion, google is  providing to internet users a lot of useful tools for a reasonable price with above the market high quality standard and comparatively high level of freedom.

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