what to expect from 2013 ? what to expect from the year of snake

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if you are interested in “what to expect from 2013” we suggest you to read an interesting article by glenda joe.

here below we will provide some of citations from it, please read the full article if to have a full understanding

the snake is wise. the snake is unforgiving. understand this to prepare for the year of the snake. the snake is the most complex force in the 12-year zodiac cycle and its year presents as “unsettled”, at best. while history tells us the snake year has never been tranquil, it can be well spent in reflection, planning and in contemplation of long-sought solutions.

review your plans and actions in anticipation of the unexpected. hone your insights. settle differences or conflicts, if you can.

the snake prepares us for shake-ups in old realities that open the way for forward movement, refreshed understanding and growth. as the snake sheds its skin, we are invited to release old thinking that has blocked growth and progress. this is a year with the energy to inspire newfound ambition to achieve great things.

the snake is transcendental in its capacity for spiritual healing of the individual, as well as the community. it seeks peace through recalibration of the karmic balance, understanding the mistrust born of chaos in which the world finds itself.

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