Questions that bring Insight

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Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh has a few questions to ask the audience in a public talk and the questions might touch something very deep in you and provide you with insight to see the way to go. Allow the question to penetrate into your heart.


 – Are you in love? 
 – Are you still in love? 
 – Do you want to reconnect with the person you used to love? 
 – Do you think that he or she is happier than you are now? 
 – Do you have the time for each other or are you both to busy? 
 – Have you been able to preserve your freshness and beauty for yourself and for the other person? 
– Are you capable to offer him or her freshness and beauty everyday? 
 – Do you know how to handle the suffering within yourself?
– Are you able to help handle the suffering in the other person? 
 – Do you understand your own suffering and the roots of that suffering? 
 – Are you able to understand the suffering in the other person? 
 – Do you have the capacity to help the other person suffer less? 
 – Have you learned the way to calm down your painful feelings and emotions? 
 – Do you have the time to listen to yourself, your suffering, your difficulties, and your deepest desire? 
 – Do you have the time to listen to him or her and help him or her to suffer less? 
 – Do you know the Buddhist way of restoring communication and bringing about reconciliation?
 – Are you capable of creating a feeling of joy and happiness for yourself? 
 – Are you capable of helping the other person to create a feeling of joy and happiness? 
 – Do you really think you have a clear spiritual path to go? 
 – Do you have the feeling of peace and contentment within yourself? 
 – Do you know to nourish your love everyday?
 – Have you ever met a person who is truly happy? 
 // transcribed by our friend megasamé

namasté friends!

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namasté friends! we see you as equal, we see divine light in you!
so what is namasté ? what does namaskār mean?
as it is most commonly used, namasté is roughly equivalent to “greetings” or “good day,” in english, implicitly with the connotation “to be well”. as opposed to shaking hands, kissing or embracing each other in other cultures, namasté is a non-contact form of respectful greeting and can be used universally while meeting a person of different gender, age or social status.
the gesture namasté represents the belief that there is a divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. the gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. in sanskrit the word is namah + te = namasté (devnagari/hindi: नमः + ते = नमस्ते) which means “i bow to you” – my greetings, salutations or prostration to you.
namaskār (devnagari/hindi: नमस्कार) literally means “i bow to [your] form”.

what to expect from 2013 ? what to expect from the year of snake

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if you are interested in “what to expect from 2013” we suggest you to read an interesting article by glenda joe.

here below we will provide some of citations from it, please read the full article if to have a full understanding

the snake is wise. the snake is unforgiving. understand this to prepare for the year of the snake. the snake is the most complex force in the 12-year zodiac cycle and its year presents as “unsettled”, at best. while history tells us the snake year has never been tranquil, it can be well spent in reflection, planning and in contemplation of long-sought solutions.

review your plans and actions in anticipation of the unexpected. hone your insights. settle differences or conflicts, if you can.

the snake prepares us for shake-ups in old realities that open the way for forward movement, refreshed understanding and growth. as the snake sheds its skin, we are invited to release old thinking that has blocked growth and progress. this is a year with the energy to inspire newfound ambition to achieve great things.

the snake is transcendental in its capacity for spiritual healing of the individual, as well as the community. it seeks peace through recalibration of the karmic balance, understanding the mistrust born of chaos in which the world finds itself.

world of information

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how to read in foreighn langauge? how to write in foreighn language?

in our modern world more and more interesting information is becoming available everywhere and specially in internet: books, stories, poems and blogs. while most of information in internet is still in english, often we have to use dictionary and other translation tools to understand information.

today, we would like to present you some free translation tools for the web:

translate a word, text or a site (to translate website just copy paste url) => http://translate.google.com/
translate a file or a document => http://translate.google.com/?tr=f&hl=en

you can also add the translation tool to almost every website using google tools => http://translate.google.com/manager/?hl=en

p.s. this is in no case should be considered as an advertising of google and google translate. you can find a lot of other different translation tools available for no charge. however, in our opinion, google is  providing to internet users a lot of useful tools for a reasonable price with above the market high quality standard and comparatively high level of freedom.

happiness is easy vs is happiness easy?

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at first, we wanted to write just this simple phrases “happiness is easy”, then we felt that maybe we should elaborate, prove, provide some examples, point some teachings to achieve this and give some advises!

but, in the moment, when we write this post, we just feel that happiness is easy!

just do it, look whatever difficulties you experience in life, you can/must look inside you, inside your mind and find small things that make you happy…. thing like waking up in the morning, admiring the sunrise or a sunset, looking at the trees waving by the wind, listening to your favorite song or just having a simple chat with someone you are care of! i am sure all of you have those small things that make you smile from inside

happiness is easy, what do you think?