poetry by runa

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after ending there’s beginning
from within kept by the meaning
filled with passion of creation
pierced with superfine vibration
ladybird or crocodile 
were invented, first, in mind
each is destined to evolve
taking its place in the whole
we’re all gaining the experience
sharing skills, improving faults
bathing in unknown feelings
seeing light in crazy thoughts
never stopping, moving forward
learning, living and perceiving
sometimes daring, sometimes coward
chasing seventh heaven being.
nothing – everything – the same
all united by heart’s flame
poetry by runa

1 year of goa state of mind

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it is a magic period right now, the adventure we started a year ago (27/11/10) is still on, we still enjoying this collaborative resource and hoping to give you some thoughts and ideas that might be helpful in life

as you can notice recently, we changed the resource name to “peaceful state of mind – goa state of mind ” in order to put emphasis on the importance of the harmony and peace in the daily life

we love you all

every summer since 1972 thousands of people co-create (video about rainbow gathering)

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WE LOVE YOU from Jonathan Kalafer on Vimeo.
every summer since 1972 thousands of people co-create a temporary city deep in the wilderness of our national forests. this isn’t a music festival, people are there to practice anarchy and hippy spirituality. the “main event” is an elaborate prayer for peace on july 4th. we love you documents the 2008 rainbow gathering in wyoming. the rainbows’ peaceful ways are challenged when federal agents charged with monitoring them shoot pepper spray projectiles into the children’s’ area of the gathering….

more info here http://vimeo.com/5562245

the one who share will receive, the one who help will be thanks’ed

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the one who share will receive, the one who help will be thanks’ed, the positive and sincere energy will always come back to you, protect and energize your body and soul !

it is hard to explain and to prove this in a logic and scientific way, but look around you, look attentively at people you like and appreciate, don’t they follow this rule? don’t they live with a happy smile on their face?

the thing is that we all get what we deserve… not much not less
it is all about spreading love 🙂

welcome to goa state of mind

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we are more than happy to welcome you here at “goa state of mind” blog. while in india our eyes found this words on a wall, a bit later we’ve felt a deep meaning … we know that this understanding is a personal and subjective …

however we are here online, because of this words “goa state of mind” … this words represents for us a peaceful mind, a happy and positive state of councionsness …

“goastateofmind” will be the place where we can share some things and thoughts that we feel to be a universal truth, we think it is important to share and learn, to create and SOZIDAT’

will be happy to have a communicative and an energetic exchange with you

and remember – love is closer than you think 😉

love and light,