1 year of goa state of mind

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it is a magic period right now, the adventure we started a year ago (27/11/10) is still on, we still enjoying this collaborative resource and hoping to give you some thoughts and ideas that might be helpful in life

as you can notice recently, we changed the resource name to “peaceful state of mind – goa state of mind ” in order to put emphasis on the importance of the harmony and peace in the daily life

we love you all

how harmonic is universe? let’s do some remixing

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how harmonic is universe? let’s do one exercise. i suggest you to press play on both videos below and listen and watch them simultaneous 🙂

so basically you will play both videos, of “sn Goenka”‘s speech and the “project juggling perf vj”

.. don’t you think it is strangely very harmonic! 🙂

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