hitchhiking and carpooling – travelling differently – alternatives ways of travelling – alternatives ways of life!

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recentely we have presented you a few projects made to facilitate and change your way of travelling, today we will extend that subject and will present you the services that will change the way you travel between places!

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link to the post about alternative ways of travelling
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travelling differently – alternatives ways of travelling – alternatives ways of life!

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as we imagine, travelling is one of most oldest form of entertainment but it is also one of the biggest factor of the world development and progress! if the ancient people would move around and explore, the world wouldn’t have it is actual face and variety of cultures!

travelling is definitely something that should be incorporate in a every human life, no matter age, gender or revenue. Travelling shouldn’t be a privilege of rich people!

there are millions way the one can travel, the most evident and popular in modern society is “organised trips”, second most popular would be the one when a traveller buy a ticket and book accommodation himself in hosteling industry

in this post we will present you alternative way of travelling and thus alternatives ways of life. those alternatives will allow travellers to stay with people living in the places they are visiting and by this medium to have much deeper contact with the environment they are  trying to discover during the trip.

here are few services that will help you to travel deeper, cheaper and funnier!

the following is a list of some notable websites related to the hospitality industry (partially taken from wikipedia)
  • couchsurfing – A very active network (registered as a B corporation) with over 3 million members in more than 200 countries
  • tripping – one of the newer and more advanced networks. tripping boasts members in more than 175 countries
  • servas international – human rights and global peace oriented since 1949. A relatively small network now with over 16,000 members with a very long history.
  • friendship force international a network of chapters worldwide which concentrates on building understanding across cultures.
  • pasporta servo – for esperanto speakers
  • wwoof – “worldwide opportunities on organic farms”, help on the property is exchanged for food, accommodation, education and cultural interaction
  • bewelcome – a network based on open-source principles with around 18,000 members
  • hospitality club – a once active but dying network with over 670,000 members in more than 200 countries
  • global freeloaders
there are also a payed housing services provided by locals
  • airbnb.com is a paid alternative of Couchsurfing
last but not least, there are also a housing in exchange for work services. 


we will give more details about those places later on; but you are welcome already to have a look and review those services yourself!

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the one who share will receive, the one who help will be thanks’ed

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the one who share will receive, the one who help will be thanks’ed, the positive and sincere energy will always come back to you, protect and energize your body and soul !

it is hard to explain and to prove this in a logic and scientific way, but look around you, look attentively at people you like and appreciate, don’t they follow this rule? don’t they live with a happy smile on their face?

the thing is that we all get what we deserve… not much not less
it is all about spreading love πŸ™‚

welcome to goa state of mind

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we are more than happy to welcome you here at “goa state of mind” blog. while in india our eyes found this words on a wall, a bit later we’ve felt a deep meaning … we know that this understanding is a personal and subjective …

however we are here online, because of this words “goa state of mind” … this words represents for us a peaceful mind, a happy and positive state of councionsness …

“goastateofmind” will be the place where we can share some things and thoughts that we feel to be a universal truth, we think it is important to share and learn, to create and SOZIDAT’

will be happy to have a communicative and an energetic exchange with you

and remember – love is closer than you think πŸ˜‰

love and light,