life is a trip…but it’s also a gift.

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life is a trip…but it’s also a gift.

there is so much that i take for granted, everyday there are things that i’ve come to expect to always be there. but there will come a day, when everything that we hold true will change. it will be the defining moment in our lives. it’ll make us realize that all of our stuff means nothing, absolutely nothing, and the only moments that we’ll hang on to are the moments that we shared with the ones that we loved…and the ones that loved us….and all of our inglorious achievements of selfishness will come back to haunt us and make us wish with all of our hearts that we would’ve given a little more when we had the opportunity.
perhaps this day is to come sooner then we think…

may we all find peace in our hearts…
and on earth

taken from ralph buckley

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