happiness is easy vs is happiness easy?

By January 28, 2011Uncategorized

at first, we wanted to write just this simple phrases “happiness is easy”, then we felt that maybe we should elaborate, prove, provide some examples, point some teachings to achieve this and give some advises!

but, in the moment, when we write this post, we just feel that happiness is easy!

just do it, look whatever difficulties you experience in life, you can/must look inside you, inside your mind and find small things that make you happy…. thing like waking up in the morning, admiring the sunrise or a sunset, looking at the trees waving by the wind, listening to your favorite song or just having a simple chat with someone you are care of! i am sure all of you have those small things that make you smile from inside

happiness is easy, what do you think?


  • Helga Nau says:

    I think everything depends from person.. if u are easy, talkative person, it’s easy to be happy.. but if you are serious, with heavy thoughts and heavy mood, u didn’t like life, etc. to be happy it’s very difficult.
    happiness is our thoughts! And what thoughts u have it depends from u..

  • Romeo says:

    no, happiness does not depend on our thoughts but on our feelings. happiness comes from a satisfaction. we cannot be happy alone, confined or mind stuck in rut.

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