Does money make you mean?

A day during rush hour in the metro, seeing a homeless man – fatigued from all these years of being on the street, alcohol seemed to be his only accompany. He was mumbling about some inaudible words. He quieted and looked at the people around him, who mostly have their heads down starring at their smartphones. Another man behind him, wearing a pair of brand new tweet trousers, expensive shoes and talking loudly and arrogantly on this smartphone – something about not letting loosing a profit in his business.

Few passengers were looking at this dandy middle-aged man, annoyed by the volume and arrogance tone of his voice. But then they also looked at the homeless man, who stayed immobile for a few seconds and walked towards another carriage. The onlookers seemed more annoyed by the smell of this homeless man. Only few shed an empathetic look of this old homeless man.. including myself. Having seen the contrast of what was going on inside this carriage of the metro.

It reminded me of this TED talk I had watched only a few days back.

by Megasamé

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