after ending there’s beginning
from within kept by the meaning
filled with passion of creation
pierced with superfine vibration
ladybird or crocodile 
were invented, first, in mind
each is destined to evolve
taking its place in the whole
we’re all gaining the experience
sharing skills, improving faults
bathing in unknown feelings
seeing light in crazy thoughts
never stopping, moving forward
learning, living and perceiving
sometimes daring, sometimes coward
chasing seventh heaven being.
nothing – everything – the same
all united by heart’s flame
poetry by runa

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  • Beautiful.
    At Tunnel's end we witness light wherefore our journey is committed; then it becomes clear that what was not, was actually permitted; we ask, 'what was all the fuss about?', we have lived long; so we choose to live life unbound, in free form!

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