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December 2013

video on obessity and food consumption

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hi friends,

in this festive period of the year we would like to hilight the important issue of obessity and food consumption. indeed we are what we it and it is important to understand how different products can influence our health, our weight and our future.

please find below a thee episode of video The Men Who Made Us Fat.

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The Men Who Made Us Fat – Episode 1 / 3

The Men Who Made Us Fat – Episode 2 / 3

The Men Who Made Us Fat – Episode 3 / 3

2012 Time for Change

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an interesting and inspiring movie.
You will be surprised that Sting, occurring in this film, took ayahuasca (DMT drink), and speaks about it in a very open way. You will find out how people can manage their life and put into circle of reusing many things they deal with everyday.

Think globally, be creative and create a better future today!